Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Biometric scan means that your thumb impression is saved in your phone memory and whenever you swipe your thumb on that lock, your phone gets unlocked. This is the most liked lock which nobody can break like other passwords. The specialty of Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it has built-in fingerprint lock. This is the first phone of this Company which came out with this thumb scan lock. This feature was only available in iPhone but now it is also available in Android Smartphone. No one can unlock your phone except you. It is not a prank but a real feature which is hopefully available in this phone. So, if you are looking to set this lock as a privacy then follow the below steps.

Easy Steps To Put Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint For Security

  • Go to the Settings of your phone and tap on Lock screen icon.
  • Now tap on the Screen Lock item where you will find some lock screen options.
  • Tap on Fingerprint to select it as lock scan on your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • You will have to swipe on the screen in order to save your thumb impression.
  • Follow the instructions as your phone says.
  • Once you have set up your unlock type, scroll to the bottom of the Lock screen section, and tap Lock automatically. You have successfully set Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint.

How To Set Built-In Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Biometric Scan Lock

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