Monday, 1 September 2014

RecBoot is a utility freeware by which you can on and off the recovery mode in your iPhone. Those who are using Mac and Windows can install it online on their computer. When you have installed it on your computer or laptop then connect it with your device and set your iPhone into Recovery mode. You can not only on Recovery mode you can also turn off the Recovery mode. For this you do not need to press any button. In this article I will tell you how to install and use RecBoot App on your iPhone. You do not need to get into much trouble.

Download RecBoot recovery mode iPhone Freeware on your iDevice

You will see many websites saying that you press the button of your home screen and side volume key for some time and so on. But many people do not feel comfortable with it. You just need click only one time to put your iPhone in and out of Recovery mode.
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How to Use RecBoot iPhone recovery mode Software

  • If you are looking to put your recovery mode in and out of it then you are at the right place.
  • Download RecBoot on your computer or laptop. It is compatible for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. There is also a Mac version available on internet.
  • Then connect your iDevice with your PC via data cable wire. When computer will recognize your iOS then you can see a button to Exit or Enter Recovery Mode.
Download RecBoot recovery mode iPhone Freeware on your iDevice

How to put manually your iPhone into recovery mode

If you do not have understand the above procedure or you are not fear of any damage to your iDevice then you can go for downloading it manually. Follow the given steps.
  • First of all download and run iTunes on your computer.
  • Then switch off your iDevice. Press and hold the home button of your iDevice but do not disconnect your iDevice with your PC or laptop.
Download RecBoot recovery mode iPhone Freeware on your iDevice
  • After a few moments Apple logo will appear before you on the screen. Release the button and a message will appear before you. It will ask for the permission to restore. 
  • You have to click on OK button visible in front of you.
Download RecBoot recovery mode iPhone Freeware on your iDevice
  • Once you have pressed the OK button on your iDevice will get into the recovery mode.
Hope that you will understand the procedure and surely follow it. It will not harm your iDevice at all. So keep intact with us and keep updated. Keep commenting and share your opinions with us. Stay healthy. That’s all!!!


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