Monday, 8 September 2014

Selfie means self taken photographs which you take with your own hands. It is now a trend of taking Selfies and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, WhatsApp like social media networking websites. You can take from different poses. First it was only an idea but now it has come true in the form of brush having iPhone casing. You can also send messages and receive calls. You will become surprised when you listen that a brush can be used to take Selfies. But I want to tell you it is true. Now you can easily take Selfies from brush. All this is due to the effort of iPhone developers.

Now whenever you take Selfie your hair will look excellent in it as you have a brush as well as iPhone in your hand. It is a paddle like brush which I doubling up in iPhone 5 cover but that is not compatible with your iPhone 6.

Brush Up on Your Selfies with This Brush taking different Selfie poses

The brush developers have announced its official price of $19.99 which is very low price and it will be a shame for the whole life for iPhone developers. To know more about Selfie brush CLICK HERE

There are few tricks through which you can take an excellent picture. You can extend your iPhone a little far away from you which enable you to take your full body Selfie with different Selfie poses. It also prevents you from vibratory hand syndrome which is good one.

Brush Up on Your Selfies with This Brush taking different Selfie poses

The Selfie brush has two options for the users. One, you show off a soft and playful smile and the second one, you show off your luscious locks. You may think that how it is possible but it is possible and the iPhone official website has announced this.

It seems to be impossible and imaginary only but the brilliant minds have done this. You can take that Selfie brush from your nearby Apple phone selling shop or contact to iPhone Company. For more updates you can go to their website.

Hope that you will like our new article about Selfie poses. This is only the starting of new technology and many more are still to discover. I assure you that those non invented gadgets will be invented soon. So keep visiting AndroidSega to know about more such gadgets news. We are waiting for your feedback. That’s all!!


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