Wednesday, 31 December 2014

There are many things in this world which can make you scary. Therefore many people who are adventurous and have liking for Arcade games, they will surely like to play Horror games. Such people find fun playing such games as there a lot of such effects which make you scary. Therefore in this article we will tell you about 10 free scary games which you people will surely like. So, below are 10 such horrifying games which are full of fear and fun. You will not get bored while playing these games as we have shared top listed scary games.

Darr @ the Mall

In Darr @ the Mall game you are trapped in a big mall where you will face ghosts. There are many secrets to know and many puzzles to solve. So it is one of the best Horror Games and you can download it for free from Google Play.

Five Nights of Frights Free

Five Nights of Frights free is another good scary game in which you have to face many ghosts for five nights. There is no daylight and you complete the whole game in dark light. It is also free at Google Play.

Dead Effect

Dead Effect is one of the free horror games ever in which you have to kill your Zombie enemies with your heavy weapons. You have to the discoveries of ESS Meridian while fighting with your enemies. There is a lot of horror and it is absolutely free at Google Play.

Mental Survival

Mental Survival is the best horror game of 2014 at Google Play which is free. In this game you are in a hospital among many ill people and zombies. You have to escape from that faculty. You will surely like this game.


Clowned game is based on clowns for those kids and other people who are afraid from clowns. It is not a serious horror game but you will like it. It is also free of cost at Google Play.

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Scary Escape

Scary Escape game has a location of abandoned asylum where you will have to solve puzzles and get out of those scary rooms. If you are smart then download it for free.

Slender Man: Survival Hunter

Slender Man: Survival Hunter is another one of the free horror games in which you are a hired soldier and you are sent in a dark jungle to find out what is going on there. You also have a gun shop from where you can buy new weapons and ammo. It is also free at Google Play.

Mental Hospital III Lite

Mental Hospital III Lite is such a scary game which will make you scary. You are in a psychiatric hospital and you have to stay alive in order to get out of this ghostly hospital. It is full of horror. So download it for free from Google Play.

Ghost School

Ghost School is a 3D horror game in which you are in a school and you have to find your friend, a key and diffuse a bomb. Then you can stay alive but there are a number of ghosts which will become hindrance in your survival. So stay alert and play it for free.

Labyrinth of Mind

Labyrinth of Mind is another one of the free horror games in which you fight with monsters in order to stay alive and exit from that place. This game is also free of cost at Google Play.

Hope that scary game lovers will surely like these games after playing on their Samsung Galaxy S4. These were the 10 free horror games which we have shared. Keep visiting for more Apps and updates and stay healthy. That’s all!!!


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