Saturday, 27 December 2014

Sometimes you miss your favourite TV shows only due to load shading. I know that it hurts you and you do not want to miss your TV serials and shows at any cost. Therefore, I have brought this article for you to help you about choosing and downloading best live TV App for Android Device. Each App is good. These Apps are very interesting especially for kids as they can watch their cartoons on a small device rather than on a big TV. You need internet connection and now a days almost everybody has the availability of Wi-Fi connection. Here we go through free Live TV Apps. is one of the top listed TV Android App which brings the service of full movies and TV shows on your Android device. There are a number of channels in it and more important thing is that it is free of cost. You can download it from Google Play for free.

IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb (Internet Movie database) has the large collection of TV shows and movies. Its importance is that you can watch new movie trailers and can get information about your favourite actors and actresses. It is also free of cost and you can download it from your Google Play.
In our recent post we have shared some Live Indian Channels Android Apps and you should also download them.

Viggle TV

Viggle is another sort of TV App through which you can not only watch live TV shows and movies but also get rewards from Burger King, Old Navy etc for watching TV programmes. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Viki TV

Viki is another best TV App for Android which gives you fast streaming and good seamless interference. It also contains the subtitles of almost every video which you can watch at any time. It is also available free on Google Play.

Watch Free TV

Watch Free TV supports multiple channels from US and UK. It also has a great seamless interference on screen and also provides live sports channels. The important feature is that you can record your programmes and re-watch them at any time. It is also free of cost.

TV Live

TV Live is another best TV App for Android which has quite distinguishing features as large number of channels, simple interference and good streaming. You can pop up the video anywhere on the screen of your device and you can do anything else on the device.

Crackle TV

Crackle TV App has its own features. It includes Classic TV shows, large collection of movies, sleek interference, and great streaming. The important feature is that there are some funny movies which you can watch for free.

Netflix TV

Netflix is an important best Live TV App for Android which has the access of unlimited TV shows, simple streaming quality with fast interference. But you have to pay some money to watch for your favourite TV shows. It has one month free subscription and that’s the good point.


HBO GO is one of the good TV Apps by which you can watch and re watch your TV programmes. You can watch latest episodes and can stream many old shows.

Hulu Plus TV

Hulu Plus is another best TV App for Android which has some of the best TV shows, a collection of movies and also many programmes for kids. But you cannot watch Live TV shows on it.

So thats our article about 10 Best TV App for Your Android Devices. Hope that this article will help you. Keep visiting and stay healthy. That's all!!! 


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