Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Are you looking for best Antivirus for Windows 8 then you are at the right place. After our hard work we have concluded that overall Avira is the finest one which is very efficient in its working. Many Softwares are not fully capable of detecting the malware and threats to the PC which ultimately results in the loss of your data. We have compared many Softwares with each other to check which one is the suitable one for your PC. It was found that Avira is the most effective in detecting malware. It goes well without paying for its full version unlike AVG, Avast etc. It has a very good interface which suits best on your screen. You are duly informed by the threats which can damage your PC.

Features Of The Best Antivirus For Windows 8 Description

The main 5 features of it includes:-
  • Administration
  • PC Protection
  • Internet Protection
  • Child Protection
  • Mobile Protection
It is upto you that you want complete scan, quick scan, or specific regions. When any virus gets into the computer it is detected and moved to the Quarantine where malware cannot damage your computer. You can restore and permanently delete them. It is good to know that the paid and non paid versions provide equal anti-malware protection.

Real-Time Protection gives an overview of virus protection performance on your computer. FireWall tool let you know that FireWall is enabled on your computer with best possible settings.

Web Protection and Mail Protection are not for the free version and works only in the paid version. Some Softwares have these features enabled. It blocks most kinds of Web trackers which is good feature.

Child Protection enables you to have information about your child social activities. For this you have to make account on Avira.


This free Avira Software has provided maximum protection which is not present in any other Software. The protection provided by it is more than any other Software. For anti-malware protection we recommend Avira Software which has superiority over the other ones.

Download Free Best Antivirus Software For Windows 8 2015

Hope that you will all like our article about best Antivirus for Windows 8. You will know about its features and probable protection for your PC. Share your opinions with us in the below comment box. That’s all!!!


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