Thursday, 14 May 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best known Smartphone launched by the Company. When it was launched it hit the market and earned enough fame. The Company made great profit in a very short period after its launch. There are two major reasons for its demand. 1st one is due to the Company name as it is top selling brand in the market and secondly the features of this handset. However this is not the end as many S series are to be launched in the near future. For your convenience we have published this article so that you may get to know everything about this phone. Here is a complete review and description which will surely help you a lot. Read the whole article if you want to know about its specifications and much more.

Complete Samsung Galaxy S5 Features Discussion

Selective Focus

Best thing about this phone is its camera. It gives an option for selective focus. By this you can focus on a selective thing making the surroundings blur.

High Definition Recording

For brighter & vivid captures you can turn on HDR. During daytime the image is no whiter but a little dim due to which HDR this gives a clear and brighter image.

Fast Auto Focus

One of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 features is that the camera is very efficient in taking immediate photos by fast auto focus. It will capture important moments and actions without making your photo hazy.

Dust & Water Resistant

With the advancement of technology, now good phones are dust as well as water resistant so that they can last a longer protected and safe from any damage. With an IP67 certification, it is resistant to rain, liquids, sand and dust particles.

Most Accelerated Network

The Download Booster Technology gives you an awesome experience using LTE and Wi-Fi simultaneously. You can download anything very fastly by turning LTE and Wi-Fi together. The speed may vary due to location and environment. This is one of the best features in Samsung Galaxy S5.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner gives maximum protection to your phone which uses your finger impression like biometric system. You can unlock your phone and pay via PayPal by using fingerprint impression which is ultimate source of maximum protection.

Adapt Display

The Smartphone has 5.1 FHD Super AMOLED bright and clear display. Adapt display is a new aspect in which sensors analyses and automatically optimizes the incoming lights and the contents you're viewing. This gives nice experience to the user.

S Health And Heart Rate Sensor

S Health and heart rate sensors are awesome Samsung Galaxy S5 features. You can check your heart beat rate very much accurately and can have a check and balance of your daily fitness. You can easily connect with Galaxy Gear Fit to personalize your daily workout and fitness.

All New Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Features Complete Review And Description

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