Monday, 29 June 2015

Hi everyone. Definitely you are here to accrue the storage in your phone so that you can download more games and other stuff to enjoy fully. Many Android mobiles come with low internal memory storage which do not allow the user to install much data on his handset. This is the problem of many people and they are asking for such a method by which their device inner storage can be enhanced. So it is good to know that there is such a method available by which you can solve your problem and enjoy by downloading more data on your handset. We have brought this article to tell you how to do it by using CWM/WTRP recovery. Those who have MKT devices can increase in more than one ways. So, follow the below given instructions.

Initial preparation How To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone Easily

  • Make a backup of memory card on your computer
  • Your mobile must have at least up to 80% charging
  • Install Link2SD App on the device from the play store
  • Your mobile/tablet must be rooted
  • Pre installed Clockworkmod/TWRP recovery

Few Steps How To Increase Memory Of Android Phone By CWM/WTRP Recovery

  • After making backup of your data switch off your mobile and boot into recovery mode by pressing volume up & down, power key at same time.
  • Go to Advanced menu and select ‘partition sdcard’ option.
  • Select Ext size of your choice and 256 MB is prime but remember that the size of partition should be less than memory card size.
  • Once partitioning started it will take about 5 minutes for completion.
  • After completion of partitioning reboot your device from the main menu.
  • Now open already downloaded Link2SD App on your mobile. You will be asked to select the file system of your second partition, choose ext2. Click on ‘OK’ and your handset will ask you to reboot your device then click ‘OK’.
  • After the reboot, run Link2SD App. At the top of tab you will see a funnel-like icon. Click on it and choose ‘On internal’.
  • Click on option key below, and select multi-select. Then click the Select all option. After click option key or app option icon, choose ‘Action’ and then click on create link. Check the three options visible on the screen and click ‘OK’.
  • Link2SD will move all those apps and games. Then create a link with them from the second partition of your SD card and click ‘OK’. All done.

How To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone Using CWM/WTRP Recovery

Hope that you will all like our article about how to increase internal memory of Android phone. For any inconvenience share your problems with us and we will try to sort out. That’s all!!!


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