Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Google has tried to provide security to its every Android device users. Now-a-days we see different lock prototypes in our mobile phone so that our data in the device remains safe. Every pattern provided by Google is best in their usage which provided maximum security to the handsets. Every time with a new OS version Google came with more security and therefore there is a strategy of Google that if a person makes attempts many password or makes prototypes the phone is locked. This is done in order to protect the user mobile data from other people. If a person knows Google ID then he can unlock his handset but if a person unfortunately forgets his ID then he finds it difficult to unlock the handset. So we have brought out an easy method to unlock your handset. But we want to tell you that all your data will be wiped out.

Few Steps To Unlock Android Device Many Pattern Attempts Freely

  • Firstly turn off your Android device.
  • Once the device is fully powered off, enter into recovery mode by holding down the power, home and the volume up keys altogether.
  • Now your device will boot into Recovery mode.
  • In the menu you will see ‘Wipe data or Factory reset’ option. Use the power button or home button to select it.
  • In the very next screen select ‘Yes wipe all user data’ and all data will be wiped out after sometime.
  • You may be asked to reboot your device. So reboot it and you will definitely get full access to your device as before.

Why To Follow This Very Method?

We recommend you to follow this method to unlock your Android device for many pattern attempts because there is no need of any tool, Software or App. You can do it by your own without getting into any trouble. 

How To Unlock Android Device After Too Many Pattern Security Attempts Without Any Tool

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