Saturday, 9 August 2014

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is an awesome Android Tablet. It has a smooth touch exterior with a lustrous black logo as a contrast. There are two big speakers in the front just like HTC One M8 which produces really great sound. This Tablet weighs about 390g. It has 8 inch large display LCD screen showing excellent graphics. 

Internal Features of NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

It has 2.2 GHz processor with 32-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 which is NVIDIA own processor. It has 2GB RAM with a built-in storage of 16 and 32GB and a memory card slot which supports up to 128GB. 16GB tablet does not support LTE functionally. If you buy this tablet having 32GB internal memory then you have to pay $100 more as it also supports LTE. It is equipped with latest Android OS 4.4.2. It is best Tablet for Game lovers as it supports remote controls with such a big screen. See more description of this NVIDIA Tablet 

Camera Features and Battery Timings

If we talk about its camera quality, it looks really great. It has 5MP primary and secondary camera for sharp focusing. Such pixels in Tablets are very rare and that’s why putting such high pixels has increased its value.
Its battery timing is not so well. It needs to be recharged after every 1 or 2 days. But it’s not a big problem. Other basic features include Wi-Fi 802.11a; Bluetooth 4.0.

For 16GB NVIDIA Shield Tablet the price is around $299 and for 32GB Tablet price is around $399. NVIDIA Company has showed its excellent working in this Tablet. As this Tablet is fully updated and equipped with latest technology. For other Android tips and Apps visit AndroidSega

I hope that through this review you will definitely decide to buy this NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet as it suits to Game Lovers. That’s all!!!


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