Sunday, 3 August 2014

The previous sets of iPhone have not gained much importance as there are no new updates in these sets. But now, after iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Apple Company should do something great. Other mobile brands are increasing their value day by day by introducing new and latest models. It’s the time for iPhone to raise its standard by introducing latest mobile with latest technology. So this has raised a lot of stress on new iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 release date rumors

It is expected that new iPhone 6 is going to be launched in September 2014. This would be a great time as new iPhone 6 has latest iOS 8 which was not in its previous models. Many people want iPhone with bigger screen. There is a rumor that iPhone 6 has 4.7 inches screen which is bit larger than previous models. But before its release many new iPhone models will be launched. So we can say that it will be iPhone 8 technically.
iPhablet is also rumored to be announced with iPhone 6 having 5.5 inches screen which is really a big one for iPhone users. See more about iPhone 6 in this link An iPhone 6 is going on for Sale at $160 in Sept 2014

iPhone 6 price rumors

Keeping in view its updates it would not be a low-priced mobile. For iPhone 6 having 4.7 inches screen it is rumored that its price is about $299. For iPhone 6 32GB model the price will be around £500 or $299 which was the price of 16GB iPhone 5S. So for iPhablet which is bigger than iPhone 6 is rumored to be much more expensive.

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