Saturday, 16 August 2014

Celeste App is a Bluetooth App through which you can easily share your files in your contacts. This App is only installable for iDevices. You cannot install this App on any Android device. Without this App you cannot share your files such as pictures, videos, messages etc. Celeste is not built-in software so you need to download it on your own manually.

This App is easily downloadable on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPod Touch. It is absolutely free and costs you nothing. Some people may find it difficult to download but the procedure given under will surely help you in installing this App on your iDevice easily. Like iOS 4.3.1 you can also download this App on iOS 4.3.2 through some simple steps.

Celeste App is totally reliant upon Action Menu App which is still not available in iOS 4.3.2 but you can cheat Cydia (a software application for iOS) which will allow you to install this App on your iDevice running iOS 4.3.2. Through this trick you can easily install Action Menu App on your device.
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Steps how to install Celeste App on your iDevice

Now we will show you how to install Celeste Bluetooth App on your iDevice through following easy steps.
  • First download a file iFile App from Cydia. Then amend SystemVersion.plist file on your Apple device.

  • The place from where you can change the settings is by simply going to System>Library>CoreServices>SystemVersion.plist.
  • Then change the old "ProductBuildVersion" to "8C148" and previous "ProductVersion" to "4.2.1"
  • After modifying the versions on your iDevice reboot your Apple device.

  • Once the device has been rebooted install Celeste Bluetooth App.


Such people who have bought Celeste App have to modify their old ProductBuildVersion to new 8G4. Otherwise you cannot enjoy from this App. But keep in mind do not forget to reboot your iDevice after modifying and then add BiteYourApple file (

Now you are able to enjoy Celeste App on your iDevice. We hope that you will find ease in installing this App. So enjoy and keep intact with us for latest information. Stay happy!!!


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