Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wireless mesh network also called as WMN is a network which is created through the connection of many wireless access points. It is an inexpensive technology which seamlessly connects you with the world. It is very efficient and effectively connects you with the entire world. There are hundreds of nodes which share the internet connection in a large area. These nodes are actually the radio transmitters which functions like a router. The nodes are programmed with certain software which tells you about the connection. There are many advantages of this network after which you will also appreciate it. So, look at its advantages and tell us about your views.

Advantages Of Wireless Mesh Network (WMN)

  • Requires low cost need
  • Require very low power
  • Increased reliability
  • Data security technology
  • Configures route dynamically
  • Self configuring network
  • Useful for NLoS network configurations
  • Local networks run very fast
  • More nodes more fast connection
  • Self healing network

What Is Wireless Mesh Network And What Are The Advantages Of This Network

Hope that you will like wireless mesh network. There are many advantages of it. Share your opinions with us in the comment box. For more updates keep visiting AndroidSega. That’s all!!!


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