Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tethering is a technique by which you anybody who has Wi-Fi connection device can connect with your internet connection. But here is the turning point. The turning point is that many Smartphone Companies in every country charges fee if you enable Wi-Fi Tether on your Android device. Good news is that there are some methods by which you can enable tethering on your Smartphone. For this there are some Apps like FoxFi, Wi-Fi Tethering etc which are really good and works well. We have shared this article for your convenience in order to help you how to enable it. You can also use the same procedure for Android Tablets as well.

Simple Steps To Wi-Fi Tether On Your Android Device

  • Download Wi-Fi Tether TrevE Mod APK.
  • Open the installed App. Hit on ‘Menu’ and then on ‘Settings’.
  • Tap on ‘Change Device-Profile’ and select ‘Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)’.
  • Again come to settings and tap on ‘Change Setup-Method’ where you select ‘Netd-Ndc (master)’. Then select ‘Send Netd Max Client Cmd’.
  • Select either ‘Wi-Fi-driver reload’ or ‘Wi-Fi-driver reload 2’. If Wi-Fi Tethering fails, you can choose the other one which you have not used.
  • Scroll down in the list and conform “MSS clamping” and “Routing fix” are both selected.
  • Now simply turn on tethering by tapping the Wifi icon. Connect any Wi-Fi Android device and enjoy using internet without paying.
Note: If you don’t see any errors by checking logs then go ahead. Hit on Menu button and go to ‘Show Log’.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Tether For Free On Your Rooted Android Smartphone Or Tablet

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