Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Everyone desires to update his phone so that he can get more access to his phone than ever before. There are many methods by which you can do so. Sure you are here to make your phone better than before and want to know how to install a custom Android boot animation. By this your stock manufacturer one will be changed with the new one of your desire. It means that whenever you reboot your device new animated screen appears on your phone. In order to get it on your phone there are two methods. One is shortest one and the other is bit lengthy. For your convenience we have shared both methods. Whichever you want can choose to make up-gradation in your phone. But key point is that your handset should be rooted, and if not then root your phone first. When you proceed root access is required of your phone. Therefore rooted device is needed.

Easiest Way How To Install A Custom Android Boot Animation Automatically

  • First install JRummy's Boot Animations App from Play Store.
  • After installation run this App. Go to ‘Server’ column where you will see many boot animations. In order to get full version you have to pay some money.
  • Choose whichever you like, and click it and press ‘Install’.
  • Once progress completes you are good to go. You just have to restart your phone now.

Second Way How To Install A Custom Android Boot Animation Manually

  • First you need a root browser and you can choose any one. But we recommend using JRummy's Root Browser.
  • Install the root browser. After installation, go to the root folder and navigate through system > media. Find your current file.
  • Make backup of your current file so that in case of any problem you can use your old one. For this long-press your current file and click copy and install it wherever you want. Also go to Permission and remember the checked options. This may be required later.
  • If you do not have already downloaded file then get it from the internet of your choice.
  • Load that file onto your phone, locate it and long press on it and tap on ‘Move’.
  • Now navigate back to system > media and paste that zip file there. You'll be asked to overwrite your current zip file so go for it.
  • Almost all is done. If this does not work then you have to get permission first. So long press on current changed zip file and tap on Permission which you will see in the below of list. Check the options similar to that of your previous or stock zip file. All done!!!

How To Install A Custom Android Boot Animation ID By Changing Your Stock One

Hope that you will all like our article about how to install a custom Android boot animation. By this you can prank with your friend by showing him logo of some other brand and this will work. Also share your opinions and problems with us in the below comment box. If you appreciate our work then share it with your friends and other connections. That’s all!!!


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