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If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit complete review, then you are at the right place. This watch is not like other Samsung SmartWatches as does not run either Android or Tizen OS operating systems. It will be very shocking to know but it’s true. It uses its own simple Real Time OS operating system due to which you are restricted to some features and one of them is that you cannot download Apps. This is disappointing fact but can’t do anything. Actually as the name suggests this SmartWatch is designed for fitness purpose. About its fitness we will tell you later in this article. So, read the whole article and then you will come to know about its features.

Brief Galaxy Gear Fit Review Wearable

Design And Comfort

It is rectangular in shape with curved screen which is different from other Samsung SmartWatches. It is a bit stylish in look than previous watches. This watch has a rubber strap and it is very easy to wear around your wrist.


It has a bit large display of 1.85 inches curved AMOLED screen. It is also dust and water resistant like its ancestor watches.


It has a nice interface due to monochrome LCD. You can change background colors and faces and choose which you desire. There is a button at the side of this watch by which you can light up and light off the screen.

Performance And Fitness

It has 180MHz Cortex-M4-based processor which is a bit low than previous Samsung watches as they run upto 1 GHz. This watch has no internal memory which means that you cannot download anything. This is a bit disappointing. Also it does not contain camera which makes it different from other Samsung watches. In Galaxy Gear Fit review, it is to tell you that this watch is designed for fitness purpose and it is the best SmartWatch which is very efficient than any other Samsung SmartWatch from fitness point of view.

Competition And Pricing

Like other Samsung SmartWatches, it does not hold good position when it stands with other watches. The reasons we have already told in this article. From Samsung online store, it is available for $149.99 which is not a costly gadget.


In Galaxy Gear Fit review, we have seen that at many points this gadget lack due to which it does not hold good position in SmartWatches. This watch is very different from its ancestors which have camera, internal memory, large processor and much more. Overall, this watch is built for fitness purpose and connects with many Samsung devices.

Complete Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit SmartWatch Review Powered By Real Time OS Wear

Hope that you will like our article about Galaxy Gear Fit review. We have shared a complete review of this SmartWatch. Share your opinions with us in the below comment box. You should also see Samsung Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Gear 2 review. That’s all!!!


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