Friday, 18 July 2014

Gallery lock is a free App for hiding pictures especially those which you do not want to see anybody. Personal pictures are very important for some persons and they do not want to let those pictures to see anyone especially from those who have bad nature and their behavior is not good. Such persons can become a source of shame for you. So, it is one of those famous applications through which developers have earned a lot of money. There is a secret gallery in your android device through which your personal pictures remain hiding from those staring eyes. Read the whole article and then go for the installation from Google Play Store.

Features Of Android App For Hiding Pictures Gallery Lock

It is a multi functional application through which you can hide your pictures and videos. It has beautiful designs, rotate and zoom features, slide show supported, folders supported, share pictures from this app to any other apps. One of its most convincing features is that it has cloud backup supported to Google Drive and Dropbox. Other than this it also takes photo of the attacker through your built-in camera after regular 3rd failure attempt. It also enables the users to save newly taken pictures or videos to move directly into your protected folder.

Gallery Lock Pro is another similar App for hiding pictures which is also about your security of personal files. Those who can afford to buy this app should buy this one as it is the advanced one. One of its salient features is that users can make multiple folders in their android device where they can hide their pictures and videos which they want to hide from other persons. Other than this a number of files can be selected at a time for moving, hiding, sharing etc.Gallery Lock Lite is another app for hiding pictures and your personal data.

Method By This App For Hiding Pictures On Android Phone

For this you are allowed to set a password which disables other persons to see your stuff. By putting the saved pass code your folder will get open and now you can use this folder whatever you want. You can also hide your personal pictures and videos in this app and can open it just by dialing 3333 from your phone. The space for saving pictures is limited in free app but if you buy its Pro version then you can save a number of pictures and videos.

Install Free Gallery Lock App For Hiding Pictures On Your Android Devices (Smartphone/Tablet)

So in this way you can hide your personal pictures and videos and this app will always help you in saving and hiding your personal stuff.

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