Tuesday, 29 July 2014

After iPhone 5 now a new set of is going to be launched in a couple of weeks. Like other iPhone 6 rumors it is in the air that it is going to be on sale for $160. This is estimated through its design based images which are leaked from the manufacturing office. It is not still launched and it is in the air that it might launch in the first week of August. If you are interested in buying i6 then you should know that it uses Android OS instead of iOS which you will feel awkward, but this is true. One more frustrating thing is that i6 runs 1.4GHz processor instead of 2GHz which has dwindled down its market value.

Some iPhone 6 Rumors Most Discussed

The original iDevice 6 and i6 design are very close to each other. The similarities in both these phones are that both have auto focusing back camera, fingerprint reader built in software. in iPhone 6 rumors, it is also in air that Goophone has copied hallmarks from Apple.

iPhone 6 Rumors That It Is Going On For Sale At Only $160 In September 2014

In iPhone 6 rumors, i6 has used a Bumblebee logo which is beautiful in its look while this iDevice uses its original Apple logo. iPhone 6 with 4.7 inches screen is supposed to be released in August while its 5.5 inches screen is supposed to be announced in September. 4.7 inches iDevice is going to be hit in market because of its advanced features and low price.

Goophone has copied a lot of famous mobile sets which include Samsung, Apple and many other famous phones. This has made a great loss to such brands and no mobile authority is taking action against it.


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