Friday, 18 July 2014

WhatsApp is a kind of messenger through which one can send messages through one android device to another without paying for SMS. It has been made easy through the use of Wi-Fi which costs nothing. In addition to sending messages you can also make groups, send pictures, video call and also share videos. The history of messages is very important for some persons due to which such people want to make a backup of chats. It is possible, simple and very easy to save and restore the chat history by making a backup file. In this way you can see the messages and much more in case of any problem in this messenger.

Backup Of WhatsApp Chats History

  • To save your chat history first Open the WhatsApp messenger and then go to the Settings where you will find the Chat History.
  • Finally tap Yes on the screen to make back up of your chat history.

Restoring and transferring chat history

When you are going to delete and reinstall messenger on your android device, you will come across with a notification that whether you want to bring in your backup before you first open your new installed WhatsApp.

On the screen Tap on Restore and your chat history will load.

However if you want to transfer your chat history from one android phone to another, you need to transfer your SD card from your old android device to your new phone before installing the given messenger. But if somebody does not have an SD card, you have to copy the ‘wa’ folder from your old phone into your new phone’s memory. Install new WhatsApp application on your android phone and then click on Restore and then your chat history will start loading.

Some information about your WhatsApp Chats Backup

  • Backup of chat history files are saved in a folder in your phone named as ‘wa’ which is also called as MsgStore.bak.
  • Your Backup chat history files are saved both in your phone’s internal memory and SD card but first make sure that there should be enough space n your phone.
  • There is important information about the Backup that the chat history backup files are applicable only for 7 days after you last saved. So you have to make sure to import your chat history before expiry otherwise your chat history will be lost permanently!
  • You can also read your conversation on your computer. For this you can send them as a text file from WhatsApp to your email address.
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