Thursday, 31 July 2014

There are many Apps available on Google Play which can boost up your Internet speed on your Android mobile with greater signals strength. Now a days, as the world is advancing in technology most of the people use Wi-Fi for browsing. When you see your Wi-Fi signals very week, you really got annoyed. It takes a lot of time to load any site as the signals are not reaching properly. So if you are facing such a situation then this article will really help you in solving your problem. Here are some booster Apps which will help you in boosting up your net connection and Wi-Fi signals.

5 Boost Internet Speed Android Applications

There are many Apps for boosting your network connection and Wi-Fi signals.
These are:
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer
  • Network Signal Speed Booster
  • Wi-Fi Connect
  • Wi-Fi Booster Easy Connect
  • Wi-Fi Manager

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is a Wi-Fi signal boosting App which helps you in enhancing your Wi-Fi connection. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection at home then you can choose the best channel for greater Wi-Fi signal strength through this App. It allows you to know that how many people are using the Wi-Fi connection, so that you can choose that connection on which less people are working. It really works and your connection will get very fast. This App is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info is another App by which you can boost internet speed. It tells you about your signal strength by bars. But it does not enhance the signal strength. The signal bars on your Android phone may show false signal strength, so this App tells you about the real strength of Wi-Fi signals by showing 14 signal bars which gives you more and accurate details. So you can download it for free from your Google Play Store.

Fresh Network Booster

Fresh Network Booster simply freshens your internet connection signals providing you with greater speed. It enhances your Android phone signal by refreshing connection to the towers. This App is so effective that it gives you Wi-Fi connection even in dead zones. Like other Apps this is also free and you can easily download it from Google Play on your Android phone.

Wi-Fi Overview 360

Wi-Fi Overview 360 is another Application to boost internet speed which helps you in finding the Wi-Fi connections around you. By downloading this App you can access to those connections which are not visible from your mobile software. It uses channel checker and channel radar to manage Wi-Fi connections. It shows the connections which are in range by graph. So you can download it from Google Play without any cost.

Open Signal Maps

It is an Android App which tells you that where Wi-Fi signals is strong in your house. You don’t have to move around in your house to find better signals strength. This App works in such a manner that when you open this App it will show radar with pointing needle just like compass which tells you where Wi-Fi signal strength is strong. It also tells you about unlocked Wi-Fi connections around your place which is really very amazing.

Top 5 Internet Android Speed Booster Apps for Increasing Wi-Fi Signals Strength And Connection

So if you are facing such a problem, you should download any of these Android Apps to boost internet speed on your Smartphone from Google Play for free. These Apps will surely help you. That's all!!!


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