Wednesday, 11 March 2015

In this era of advanced technology, Samsung is best known for its quality and perfect products. After making fame in launching of best Smartphones, now Samsung has came out with SmartWatch. Samsung has launched Galaxy Gear wearable watch which is powered by Android Wear. Samsung is one of the twelve partners in manufacturing and designing wearable watches. So, we have shared a complete review of this SmartWatch in this article. Samsung is continuously working to bring best technology devices and this SmartWatch is just a sign of its passion. There are a number of Android watches but no one is good enough to compete with Samsung’s product. So, read the whole article and then you will come to know that all we have said is true.

Brief Galaxy Gear Review Android Wearable

Design And Comfort

It is a little bit chunky and there are screws on the front of this watch which is not supposed to be in any expensive watch. It is very comfortable to wear as it has a rubber strap. It is available in rose gold, oatmeal beige, lime green and wild orange colors.


It has 1.63-inches Super AMOLED 320 x 320 resolution screen which is good one. You can easily use it in daylight.


Unlike other SmartWatches, this watch lights up when you raises your watch in front of your eye. The sensors are always on so it will consume more battery. However you can also turn it off.

Performance And Fitness

There is a single core 800MHz processor with 4 GB of internal memory, 512 MB of RAM. Unlike other watches, there is built-in camera of 1.9 MP which can record 750p videos. You can take it with you when you are out for jogging. There are many fitness Apps which you can download on your watch and can keep check and balance of your daily diet.

Competition And Pricing

In Galaxy Gear review, it is necessary to tell that it is the first SmartWatch introduced by Samsung. It is not the best one but it is a competing watch with many other Android watches. After it was launched it was for $299.99, its price goes on deceasing and now it is available for $149.99 on online stores.


The complete Galaxy Gear review shows that despite the fact that it is the first SmartWatch launched by Samsung it is not an ordinary watch. Camera feature makes it different from others. Overall, it is a good watch powered by Android Wear.

Complete Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Review Powered By Android Wear

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