Monday, 2 March 2015

Many people love to listen music while they are driving. But every time you cannot use radio to listen music and entertain yourself. The second thing you may think is to use CD/DVD in your car to listen music but it is also not a good way as CD gets scratches very easily. So, in this article we have brought how to connect your phone to your car with 4 options. You can use any Smartphone but Android mobiles are best to play music. You can easily connect your Smartphone without any problem. Your Android Smartphone will act as your entertainment system. Read the whole article in order to choose any one potion so that you can play and enjoy music.

4 Ways How To Connect Your Phone To Your Car To Enjoy


Almost every latest car audio system has built-in Bluetooth for playing music while driving. However it allows for a short range but still it is a good source for playing music. You just have to enable Bluetooth form your device and after few moments it will show car audio system to pair with. Once you have paired you do not need to pair every time as it will pair automatically.

FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter is the best option how to connect your phone to your car to play music while you are out for driving. Not all, but some Android Smartphones have built-in FM Transmitter after which you just have to install FM Transmitter App and then put out MP3 or other music files to your car radio. However if this is not so, then you have to buy FM Transmitter device which will connect with your Android Smartphone via cable. The device is low priced and is easily available at mobile shops.

Analogue Cable

Analogue cable is the easiest way to connect your Android mobile via a cable with your car’s audio system. But for this your audio system should have slot for the insertion of analogue cable. If there is not slot for analogue cable then there is an alternative of this. You can connect the cable at the back of dashboard.

USB Data Cable

You can easily connect your Android device with your audio system via USB Data cable. Everyone is familiar with it and it is very easy to connect. There is no need at all to tell you how to connect your phone to your car using USB cable.

How To Connect Your Android Phone To Your Car Audio System And Play Music

Hope that this article will help you how to connect your phone to your car. You do not have to spend much money for buying cables or device. If you like then share it with your friends. That’s all!!!


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