Monday, 23 March 2015

If you are looking for Secret Voice Recorder App then you are at the right place. By this Application you can record audio on your Android Smartphone as well as Tablet. You can easily manage this Application and no one can say that you are recording his audio. You can manage it with Volume Up and Down keys even when the screen is turned off. However here is a fact that you can record audio only for 2 minutes. This is a disappointing fact but you can record unlimited audios in this free version Application. If you want to record audio for more than 2 minutes then you have to install Pro version of this Application.

How To Use Secret Voice Recorder App On Your Device

The most interesting feature of this Secret Voice Recorder App is that you can record audio while using other Applications, making a phone call or even with screen turned off. Also when it is activated it does not consume battery. It only consumes battery when you are recording audio.

In order to use this secret voice recorder App, open this Application and tap on Switch to activate. Now whenever you want to record audio, press Volume Down key to start and Volume Up key to stop. If you do not want to record audio, you can tap on Switch again to deactivate it.

Download Free Secret Voice Recorder App On Android Device From Google Play

Hope that you all will like our article about Secret Voice Recorder App. It is available on Google Play for free. You have seen that it is very easy to use. Share your opinions with us in the below comment box. That’s all!!!


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