Thursday, 16 July 2015

In old says people have no means of rapid communication. People have to travel to long distances to meet their relatives on festivals and other occasions. Therefore the news may become old when it reaches through postal letters. But now the trend has changed and all this owe to the advancement in technology. Now people have more responsive and rapid means of communication as mobile phones, social media sites etc. Now people do not have to wait for the messages far from the country from the loved ones. You can call audio as well as video, send messages, chat with your friends which are far from you in no time. Therefore, Android SMS App provides the best and quick platform which connects you with your loved ones in no time. So, this has really saved the time of people in such a busy world. These quick means of communication have realistically shortened the distances between people.

Advantages of using the Best Android SMS App in Smartphones

Now people are working day and night like machines and they do not have enough time to visit their friends who are far from their residence. Therefore one of the advantages of using the best Android SMS App is that you can connect with your friends and other connection in no time. You just pick up your phone and dial or do text. Other advantage is that this is a very quick means of communication. Texting and chatting with the friends gives you relief somehow which is a very good thing. Smartphones have proved a good friend and has made revolutionary changes in peoples’ life. Now people are more creative and imaginative and such things enhance their capability.

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List of 10 Best Android SMS App for Swift Messaging

We have gone through many texting Applications available on Play Store and after hard work enlisted the 10 best Android SMS App which you will surely love to use. These Applications goes well on KitKat v4.4 and we do not found any flaws.
  • Messaging (stock KitKat texting tool)
  • Textra
  • HoverChat
  • Messages +
  • QuickTouch Text Messaging
  • TextSecure
  • Hangouts
  • SMS Text Messaging & Group MMS
  • ZERO SMS - Fast & Free Themes
  • Textgram

10 Best Android SMS App for an SMS Shooting Bender

Hope that you will all like our article about the best Android SMS App. Share your experience with us about these texting Applications so that we have an idea about the prime one. If you appreciate our work then share it with your friends. That’s all!!!

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