Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sometimes files may be deleted by us due to negligence which matters a lot for us and we do not want to lose them at any cost. If you have not made backup of your data then it can be lost permanently accidentally which later on becomes difficult restoring. The data which matters a lot is related with our business work and images. There are some of the methods and techniques by which you may get your data back but if there is no backup in your Windows then you may not get your data back. We know that’s the sad news but you can try these methods and there is the chance that you may reinstate your data. Some methods are very easy as you will see in this article, not requiring any tool but there are also some good tools or programs which can recover your lost data. So, if you are the victim of such a mishap then we will try our best and tell you how you can regain the data so that you may get out of that solution.

5 Methods How to recover deleted files

Go to Recycle Bin

Whenever any data is removed it is automatically transferred to the recycle bin which acts as a backup storage and whenever you want that data you can restore it from there. So, first check in the Recycle Bin and you may find the required data there.

Go to restore previous version

If you have saved the required data in any folder then you may find your data. How to recover the deleted files? Simply right click on that folder and click on ‘Restore previous version’. Your Windows might have saved the data and if it is restored then that copy is said to be the replica of the original one.

Use backup storage

Some people are habitual of making backup of their data using any kind of backup program. So, if you are one of them then you will surely get your data in the backup folder.

Use file recovery Software

Though file recovery Softwares do not have 100% chance to recover the data but some are known to be the best one. After going through such Softwares we found ‘Recuva Portable’ program to be the best one. If you really want to get your data back then you must try this method also. It is very easy to use and portable.

Use data recovery services

If you do not find any of the above methods and still the lost data matters you a lot then your last chance is to hire the professional which you contact from any data recovery services. This will cost you but we do not recommend this methodology. Its upto you whether you want to use data recovery services or not.

How to recover deleted or lost files from Windows hard drive

Hope that you will all like our article about how to recover deleted files. If you fully restore your data then do share with us that which method let you do so. Also share your opinions with us in the below comment box and for more tips, updates and tech info keep visiting AndroidSega.


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