Monday, 6 July 2015

Textgram App is all in one best Application till now which permits you to make picture messages of your own which is in your mind. Those who have got ennui of using worn out and excessively used stickers and other feeling signs have a great chance to use it. We assure you that you will be amused using it and never get bored. Those who love to chat with their friends and other connections on social media websites often use emotion signs to convey their message more realistically. So you can easily create messages on different pictures and carve up them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinerest, Whatsapp, Picstitch, Instacollage etc. It is good to tell you that it is absolutely free available on Google Play Store for Android devices as well as on Apple Appstore for iDevices. Below are the features of this Application upon which you should take a look and these features will surely entice you to install it on your device.

Features of Textgram App with Description

Custom MMS Messages

You will find in it that it is very easy to create your own custom MMS messages. By this you can MMS the message or send it to your favourite social websites. Sometimes you may think how your friends can create the cute background with messages then this Application is the answer to it.

Copious in Emoticons

Emoticons enliven the factual meanings of your message with better scenario. There are a number of options in this Application to prettify your message by using the buttons at the bottom of your device screen. You will see a number of templates which gives an enhanced good look.

Sharing from the Application

After going through all the options you can either save it into the gallery or share it directly through it. By this you can share your personal messages to someone special at that very instant.

Sticker Options

As you will use it you will see that there are plenty of stickers each having its own emotions and gestures referring to different situations. So you can easily choose the stickers according to the scenario. You can also re size the sticker size from your device.

Creative Greeting Messages

Those will find it best workable who like to create messages by their creative skills. It allows you to do so by designing and sending custom messages. There is a lot of fun in doing so. You can also do more customization by using text effects.

Free Download Textgram App for Android and iPhone Devices

Hope that you will all like our article about Textgram App which is the best innovative and creativity enhancing Application. Another good point is that it is available for both OS and iOS supporting devices. So, if you like to have such App then must install it on your device. Rate it in the below comment box so that people can have an idea about its working, functioning and usage especially on social media sites. That’s all!!!


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