Sunday, 8 February 2015

Do you know what is WiGig and what is it for? The whole article is about this new Wi-Fi technology. WiGig has come from Wireless Gigabit Alliance as it has widespread support due to many alliance members. It is a wireless HDMI device, serving as a router providing a number of connections to internet devices. There are a number of features of this HDMI device. This HDMI interconnects many home internet supporting devices such as your PC, TV, Smartphone etc. It has shorter Wi-Fi range of about 10 meters. Although it was released in 2013 and at that time it was a new idea but still it has a great importance as a Wi-Fi.

Key Features of WiGig Wi-Fi Technology HDMI

  • Faster internet connection speed
  • Very efficient
  • Low power technology
  • Beamforming technology
  • Connects with every internet device
  • Wireless Gigabit Alliance
  • Widespread support
  • One of several competing standards
  • Official 60GHz wireless standard
  • More efficient than Wi-Fi

Latest Wi-Fi Technology WiGig Named Wireless HDMI Device With Incredible Features

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