Friday, 13 February 2015

Are you looking for such a free way by which you have an easy access to WhatsApp messaging service? If yes, then you are at the right place. It is possible by WhatSim. Do you know what is WhatSim? WhatSim is a small SIM card like other SIMS which gives you an easy access to chat from anywhere in the world. It is not an ordinary chatting card. It has many awesome features which will intrigue you. It is especially made for chatting which has contacts storage capacity of more than 2 billion people. It has extraordinary multimedia built-in features. WhatSim has its own rates like other SIM cards which you can see from their official site.

Why To Use WhatsApp Messaging Service on WhatSim?

The good news and the foremost reason of using this SIM card is that you can use WhatsApp messaging service for free without any internet connection. You can share your pictures, videos and much more. You stay in touch with your friends all the time. As you can use this SIM from anywhere, it means that it has broadest coverage all over the world. It has more than everything what you need in a SIM.

WhatsApp Messaging Service


WhatSim is best for WhatsApp messaging service. It has low calling rates and most important thing is that you can chat via this SIM card anywhere from the world as it never disconnects. We also suggest you to buy this SIM card and have access to many things.

Hope that you will like this WhatSim SIM card which allows unlimited free WhatsApp messaging service. Share your opinions about this SIM card. That’s all!!!

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