Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Pangu Team has recently launched Pangu jailbreak for Mac and Windows. After the release of jailbreak for iOS 8 the developers started updating the tweaks and Apps so that people can get new and stunning features on their iDevice. The developers updated the Apps in a very short time after the hard work and they propose many Latest Apps which you surely want to use. Some are costly and some are free. So in this article we have shared some free Tweaks for iOS 8 which will make your iDevice to look better than before. Those who had used Pangu jailbreaked can install these Apps on their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


LockGlyph is absolutely free and one of the latest Tweaks for iOS 8 which will make Apple Pay animation on your iDevice also with the sound effect to the Lock screen.

10 Free Updated and Latest Tweaks For iOS 8 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


VolumeNotifier makes sound every time when you increase or decrease the volume.

Nested Folders

Nested Folders is another good one which adds new folders inside the folders. It is also free at Cydia.

In our recent article we have shared more 10 Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps which are compatible for many iDevices. So, you should also see these Apps.


SafariRefresh is one the latest tweaks for iOS 8 which refreshes the webpage on Safari. It is also free at Cydia.


CCNowPlaying adds a new looking Twitter button on the Screen by which you can share the song just by tapping on Twitter icon. It is also free.


F.lux helps in changing the screen color according to the temperature. It is also free at Cydia.


DoubleCheck is another a very good one which helps you by avoiding sending text messages to the wrong person. It is a very cool one.


LastApp helps you to reach easily to last used App or any other data. It is also free at Cydia.


Slide2Kill8 helps you in closing all the running Apps by sliding down as in Android version. It is also one of the latest tweaks for iOS 8.


FlipControlCenter make it possible for you to customize control centre toggles and Quick launch. It is also free at Cydia.

Hope that you will like these latest tweaks for iOS 8 which you surely want to install on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. You will not get bored and these will help you in upgrading your iDevice. Keep in touch with us at AndroidSega for more Apps and updates. Stay healthy. That’s all!!!


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