Saturday, 17 January 2015

Are you looking How to compress Mac OS X Leopard to single layer DVD? If yes, then you are at the right place. Many people use single layered DVD writer. You need to burn dual layer disk as single layer DVD has less storage space than double one. Also you need some things to do before going to follow the instructions. Such as arrange one blank DVD, Hard Disk of minimum 17.8 GB, original Leopard developers seed in .dmg of 6.55 GB and Mac OS X 10.4.X server operating system. If you have arranged these things, then go for the method.

Method To Compress Mac OS X Leopard By Burning DL-Disk

  • First of all mount original Leopard .dmg file.
  • Go to Applications and open Utilities Disc.
  • Click on new image and rename that image as plunk.
  • Pick as sparse image type, put 8 GB DL-DVD size and click on ‘Create’.
  • Now accumulate the plunk.sparse.
  • Go to the Disc Utility and select that plunk image and then click on ‘Restore’.
  • Now drag that mounted Ma OS X Leopard Install DVD to ‘Restore’.
  • Again drag the accumulated plunk to ‘Restore’ and click on it. It will take some time to restore.
  • After restoring is complete, open the plunk image and remove the Developers Tools under the optional installs.
  • Now go to the Folder option and steer to Volumes/plunk/System.
  • Then go to the installation and after to ‘Packages’.
  • If there is anything that has Printer then remove it. Also delete unwanted languages.
  • Check the size of your plunk which should be maximum 4.3 GB.
  • Repeat the same steps from 2 and onward. Go to Disc Utility, click on new image, and name it as burn and save it as sparse image type. Put 4.7 GB of SL-DVD and click ‘Create’. Select burn image and click on ‘Restore’. Navigate the mounted ‘plunk’ to the ‘Restore’.
  • Now drag the mounted ‘burn’ to the ‘Restore’. Click on Restore and wait again.
  • When it is completed, burn it to the DVD in Tiger.
How to Compress Mac OS X Leopard To A Single Layer DVD Guide

Hope that it will be helpful for you. The complete method to compress Mac OS X Leopard to SL-DVD disk is above. For more updates and info keep visiting. That’s all!!!


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