Wednesday, 14 January 2015

OEM Master key has finally released by the hackers for Windows 7 Ultimate RTM version. Before the Redmond Giants could crack and activate Windows 7 Ultimate final version, hackers done this. We have got the latest news that a Chinese group used .iso OEM version of Windows 7 Ultimate to reclaim OEM certificate for Windows 7 and get OEM- SLP Product Key x64. The leaked .iso was downloaded from Chinese meeting in order to get activation certificate and OEM-SLP Key. If you have deactivated OEM brand, then there is good news for you that this OEM-SLP will activate your OEM brands forever.

News For Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key x64 Users

If you have HP, Lenovo, MSI or Dell OEM brands then you can surely activate your Windows 7 Ultimate x64 for forever. You just have to put the OEM-SLP and you are with your activated window. So, this is the good news. But there is bad news also for those who do not has this version like Windows 7 Premium, Windows 7 Starter etc. The main reason is that The OEM-SLP Key for activation of such Windows has not yet released. But you do not have to worry and wait for longer time as it is expected that the hackers once again are going to release OEM Product Keys for such Windows versions.

Activate Windows 7 Ultimate with OEM Product Key x64 Bit User Guide


So, if you have deactivated OEM brands then go for the activation now by the product key. This is both for x32-bit and x64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.

Hope that this article will help you in activating you your deactivated Windows 7 Ultimate by the product key x64. Share your opinions with us in the below comment box. That’s all!!!


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