Sunday, 4 January 2015

First of all you should know some things about jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is the process by which the limitations of iOS are removed and you install such tools that your iDevice Software and Hardware does not know about. This can make your Device damaged temporarily or even permanently. There are such companies which develop Best tools and Applications which allows you jailbreaking your iDevice and install stunning Applications. After the release of iOS 8 jailbreak Apps by Pangu team the developers have updated Applications and Tweaks for upgraded version. Tweaks are like Applications which can make easy to use your iDevice. You will surely want to try this.


Flux is a good tweak which makes the colour of your Home Screen display to adjust according to the day and night.


With NoSlowAnimations the animations speed up your default slow running animations. This App will surely help you in making animations faster.


Zeppelin is one of the best iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps in which you can change the logos on your iDevice whichever you want. There are a number of logos like Batman, Nike, Apple etc.

You should also see iOS 8 Cydia Apps which you can install on your iDevice instead of re-jailing.


WinterBoard is another very good Tweak which will help you in changing the icons of Apps and logo. It is an awesome tweak.


DockShift will give an apparently new look by changing the background of your iDevice dock. This is an amazing tweak.


BlueBoard is a new tweak which will make your keyboard blue colored. The keys will be in a new look and you will surely like it.


Cylinder is another one of the best iOS 8 jailbreak Apps in which you get new transitions when you flip the Home Screen pages of your iDevice.


Mobius Cycling allows you to scroll for number of times between Home Screen pages.


SaveGram is another one of the best iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps which helps you in saving photos and videos in Instagram.


Alkaline is a free tweak which shows the battery theme at the top in the bar as battery indicator.

Hope that you will like this article. These are best iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps which are free and very interesting. These Applications and tweaks will help you in customizing your iDevice which you will surely like to try. Keep in touch with us for more Applications and updates and ask questions for any interruption. That’s all!!!


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