Friday, 2 January 2015

Selfie means to take your own photo or with your friends from your phone device camera. The Hollywood cameraman Lester Wisbrod says that he was the inventor of such picture technique. It was started in 2000s and now a days there is fast growing trend of taking Selfies with friends. This style of taking photographs is popular all over the world. For this entrepreneurs began to think that there are such inventions which can better facilitate your photography. Therefore, a Selfie Stick was designed for this reason which can better your poses and styles. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Some people might do not know How To Use it. So in this article we will tell you about its parts and its using method.

Different Parts of The Selfie Stick

First of all you have to know about all parts of the stick in order to seek more how to use the Selfie Stick and take pictures. These are as follow.
  1. Cell phone Holder
  2. Stell Monopod
  3. Camera Key
  4. Focus Enarge Key
  5. Focus Narrow Key
  6. Power Key
  7. ¼ screw
  8. Micro USB Charging
  9. Power LED
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Description How to use Selfie Stick for Best Pictures

It is easy to use. Fix your phone in the cell phone holder and open the camera. You can also pair it with your Smartphone. It is for Selftimer method. You can use this Bluetooth for taking pictures by pressing the Camera Key on the rod. Turn on the Power Switch and hold the Camera Key for 2 sec which will pair with your Phone. Open the Bluetooth from your phone and connect with it. Now by holding the Selfie Stick in your hand and after focusing, press the camera key on the tool. You can also zoom in and out by pressing the keys on the stick and this function is only for Android devices. Your picture is captured with your own style. In this way you can take pictures with your own styles and you will surely like this.


Selfie Stick has made a great business for those who are selling it. Many people are buying it and the sellers are not only selling it from shops but also from websites and this business is increasing day by day. I suggest you to take this stick if you like to take Selfies from your Smartphone. For more information visit AndroidSega.


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