Monday, 12 January 2015

You have heard of Tamil movies, songs and else more. But now you will know for Tamil fonts Android Apps which are free of cost at Google Play. In this article we have shared 10 Best Apps which are easily available at Google Play Store. These are very easy to use. There are a number of Apps for different regions are easily available at Play Store for free. So, if you are looking for such Android Smartphone Apps then you are at the right place. Go through these interesting Apps download them and enjoy using them. Also see Best Android Apps 2014.

SETT Sinhala Tamil web browser

It is one of the best Apps for Tamil fonts which enable you to search in Tamil or Sinhala language and it is a very good web browser also.

Tamil Keyboard Unicode

This App enables you to convert the English word into Tamil when you type any word on your Android Smartphone. There is a keyboard which helps you in doing so.

Dinamalar for Phones

Dinamalar is the leading newspaper brand in India and it is also available for Android Smartphones for free.

All Tamil News Paper India

It is another best Apps for Tamil fonts where you get every latest news of current situation. You have all Tamil news in just a small device in your pocket.

Dinamani – News

Dinamani – News gives you the latest news not from one country, but also from many other geographical regions of the world.


Sellinam is another one of the best Apps for Tamil fonts which has a keyboard in Tamil language. You can easily write in Tamil whenever you want to type.

Tamil Dictionary

Tamil Dictionary enables you to search for Tamil synonyms, antonyms and much more and can also search for the meanings from English words Offline.

tamil yosi

tamil yosi has a number of functions in one App. There are a number o quotes, puzzles, songs collection and much more.

bharathi – tamil

bharathi – tamil App is about Mahakavi Bharathi life who was a brave Tamil writer showing his small collection of pictures and hand written quotes.

Ezhuthani - Tamil Keyboard

It is the best Tamil keyboard App in which you have Tamil keyboard and you can easily write in Tamil.

10 Free Best Apps For Tamil Fonts for Your Android Smartphone

Hope that you will like these Tamil fonts Android Apps easily for free. For more Apps, updates and tips keep in touch with us. That’s all!!!


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