Thursday, 8 January 2015

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched in the past year. After their launch, developers set into work to update the jailbreak Apps and tweaks. In a very short time, a number of such tools were updated by the developers at Cydia and Pangu. Many of them are free but some are costly. We have already shared an article about such Apps which are free and now in this article we are going to share those tweaks which are outstanding to install on iOS 8 but not for free. So, if you want such updated Apps on your iDevice then you are at right place. Let’s have a look at 10 best low paying Tweaks.

In our recent article we have shared free Cydia Tweaks.
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AppLocker is for $0.99 which will help you in locking folders, Apps, and much more.


exKey is another one good iOS tweaks for $0.99 by which you can get another row of keys to the keyboard.

Eclipse 2

Eclipse 2 is for just $0.99 by which you will get dark mode tweak on your iDevice.


By QuickActivator you can customize App shortcuts for quick launch. This is also just for $0.99.


NCFold is another one of the good iOS 8 tweaks by which you can customize your iDevice notification center. It is for $1.00 at Cydia.


By LSWeather you can customize the weather notification on your lock screen. You can get it for $1.99.


By Tage you can add different gestures on your iDevice like Zephyr and it is just for $1.99.


HideMe8 is another one of the good iOS 8 tweaks for $2.00 which allows you to hide or remove UI elements on your iDevice.

AdBlocker 2

AdBlocker 2 is for $2.19 which will help you in blocking unnecessary ads appearing in the Webpages.


LocationFaker8 is a very interesting IOS 8 tweaks by which you can place a fake location and it is just for $2.99.

10 Best Low Paying Updated iOS 8 Tweaks For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch And More

Hope that you will like these latest iOS 8 tweaks but not free. These tweaks are really interesting and if you like then share your opinions with us in the comment box. Also follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page. Stay healthy. That’s all.


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