Wednesday, 21 January 2015

In our recent article we have shared How to Install Snow Leopard in VMware 7. We have come to know about some issues after installing OS X 10.6.x. The issues are about software virtualization, sound and graphics resolution. Many people have successfully installed OS X 10.6 on their Mac and Windows host but after installation they have to face such three big problems. So, in this article we are going to fix these issues you are facing after installation and this is very easy to fix these issues on your Mac. Take a look at the following instructions and make these issues fixed very easily.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard supporting error with software virtualization

In order to run Mac OS X on your Intel Core you need a host to support software virtualization. You might think that you have all compatible parts but still you are facing supporting error. There is an easy solution of it. Simply go to your BIOS settings. “On” the Virtualization feature from your BIOS.

Change The Resolution of Snow Leopard

It is time to boot your installed Snow Leopard in VMware and copy ‘boot.plist’ file on your Desktop. Open it, and add following two lines before ‘</dict>’.
  • <key>Graphics Mode</key>
  • <string>1280x1024x32</string>
Now replace the 1280x1024x32 with the resolution you want. x32 is refresh rate and do not change it. Save the file as on your Desktop. Steer through Library> Preferences> SystenConfiguration> Folder and drag your .plist file from Desktop and place it into this ‘Folder’. After you receive message, click on Authenticate and Replace. Also enter the Password. Reboot your Mac and you are done.

Installing Sound Driver of Snow Leopard

You need to take snap of VM (Virtual Machines). Look for ‘EnsoniqAudioPCI.mpkg.tar.gz’ from the Snowy_Vmware_files.tbz2 archive. Launch the package and select both options. Then type your password when asked and after installation reboot your system for changes.

Post Installation Fixes in Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.X in VMware Fusion 7

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